Facebook Ads

Considering factors such as demographic information, location, area of ​​interest, age, gender, behavior for your brand in Facebook and Instagram channels; We design creative, catchy and stimulating campaigns. We ensure that your company's product and / or service emphasis can reach your potential customers in the most effective way possible with accurate targeting./p>


Google Ads


We bring your brand and potential customers who need your products and / or services. We make it possible for your brand, website, and service to be visible to your potential customers on Google, with the right keywords and targeting.


We ensure that the advertising campaign we create for your brand is included in web pages with a clear and effective visual design. Thanks to the fact that it is a visual-focused type of advertising, we ensure that the campaign is both actionable and high-performance, and that your brand remains in mind.


We ensure that your potential customers are facing directly with the images, prices, features and links of your products in Google search results. In this way, we provide a more effective approach to your target audience.


In addition to the commercials we will prepare for publication on YouTube, which is one of the most important representatives of digital media, we make it possible to have a wide range of campaigns with banner designs that will appear during content on YouTube channels.


E-Mail Marketing

People should know about your company campaign, innovation, etc. By sending announcements directly to a specific group of e-mail users, we ensure that your brand reaches its target audience through a conscious targeting. Moreover, the number of readings sent, the number of interactions with the link (if any) and so on. by reporting the data, we are able to measure the impact of the campaign.