What Social Media Platform Meets Your Company's Needs?

Advertising is one of the most important parts of the marketing sector from past to present. Together with the developing technology, the tools used in advertising also vary. In the most aggressive times of the consumer age, the advertising sector constantly updates itself. Even when advertising is not just marketing a product, it has become important to convey any announcements to more people and to explain the existing problems to people.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, the traditional advertising approach has been replaced by platforms on the internet. Social networks, where communication is now provided, are also an important tool for advertising. Social networks combined with social culture have become the channels in which many people control and learn even at the beginning of the day.

Let us now examine social media platforms that can be used in digital advertising and what they can provide you:


Usage: LinkedIn was created as a professional business network. The companies use individual profiles to share their work experiences on this platform. LinkedIn can also be used as a means of advertising each social media platform. Demographic information, keywords and target audience can be advertised by advertising as in Facebook ads.

Bad Side: The most important criterion in social media ads is access and click rates. LinkedIn is not very successful when evaluated by this aspect. When it is evaluated in terms of cost in another issue, it is seen that it requires more spending than other advertising tools. Facebook takes over a significant portion of digital advertising.


Usage: Twitter, which has been in use in our country since 2011, is a social media platform with 140 characters sharing emotions, thoughts and situations. Twitter, which can also be used with digital advertising, is similar to Google AdWords in terms of ad serving techniques. By creating a campaign, you can generate sponsored content through keywords or phrases.

Bad Side: It is very restrictive and difficult when it is considered in terms of the user experience, although it is good in determining the target audience. It is almost impossible to go out of the keywords and tags Twitter offers. There is also a tiring payment structure as a cost.

3-Google +

Usage: Google, a search engine giant, prepares page suggestions and presentations based on the data obtained from the search engine in this social media platform that it produces in its own infrastructure. It is the desire of people to follow the news which is generally offered by Google + according to their interests. As an advertising tool, + Post Ads is used as an advertisement. Blogs have been developed to take advantage of the informative pages.

The Bad Side: Although Google does not recognize competitors with search engines and many advertising tools, the number of users on the social media platform has not reached an adequate level. Those who use the platform in digital advertising are determined as the target audience. Due to the small number of users in Google + is inadequate in terms of advertising.


Usage: It is the most sought after social media platform in the world with its active user exceeding 1 billion. Since 2007, it has been spreading rapidly in our country. The fact that it is an organization that makes a name for itself in every field of digital sector makes it effective in advertising. Facebook regularly updates advertising tools, user experience can meet the level of requests. While it offers the possibility of filtering up to location, age, gender and even relationship status, it is possible to run ads with daily small budgets. Both the wide audience and the target group can reach the desired target audience to collect points.

The Bad Side: In fact, Facebook is the most favorable when it comes to all social media platforms. There is only one negative aspect that adheres to the policies of Facebook advertising. Although its strict policy of visual inspection and writing seems to be negative, it also results in on-site results.

In the light of all these observations, it is important that you use the right platform for your company or business. When the advertising industry is developing rapidly, talking to someone who can guide you about digital advertising will help you get positive results both financially and for your brand. As ICM Software company, we provide digital advertising services with a professional understanding like other services. We deliver the ads determined according to your needs to the right people at the right time.